Manufacturing Precision Components

Our equipment and tools are developed to ensure tight features and tolerances your products may demand. We are experienced in machining various materials (Ductile & Grey Iron, Steel, Aluminum, among others). Our CNC capabilities include:

  • Vertical and Horizontal Machining
  • Horizontal Lathes (2-Axis, 4-Axis, Live Tooling)
  • Grinders (Centerless, Angular, Lobes)
  • Deep Drilling
  • Polishing
  • Heat Treatment (Induction Hardening, ADI, Flame Hardening)
  • Washers (High Pressure & Ultrasonic)
  • Gear (Shaving, Hobbing)
  • Balancing (Dynamic and Static)
  • Assembly of Components

Arbomex employs automation when appropriate demand on performance.

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